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This issue has been seriously asked by the global fund for the fight against HIV / AIDS, the main provider of antiretrovir ARV acute who decided to break through the abscess. The answer is as surprising as it is inhuman.

Indeed, the Global Fund recently conducted a mission to Congo to question and understand why Congo is still in breach of retro anti-viro (ARV).

Following a strong break that made so much talk of her in early 2017, the Congo had to take on loan stocks in the DRC and Siera Leone without this being sufficient.

Similarly, an order for nearly 500 million francs CFA francs is not enough to put an end to these ruptures.

This at the very least troubling situation led the mission of the global fund to note the following:

Despite the fact that the United States has not yet paid its contribution, 

The Congolese Essential and Genetic Drugs (COMEG), the robbery of the prescribers and outpatient treatment centers.


ARV while some agents offer it in sub-hands to the patients to 20,000frs cfa the box but the said products are deemed free.

Disabled patients are obliged to do for those who can.

This rupture, more provoked than structural or conjunctural, is a drama that is played silently in a country of its deviations at several levels of responsibility.

It is necessary to be of another human race to impose to these patients an additional suffering by depriving them of just treatment by cupidity.

Those who do not have parents or means to order.

To cope with this breakdown, the structures concerned had been obliged to dispose of pediatric ARVs to the patients with the consequences that this implies.

Suite à ce constat bien pathétique, le Fond mondial s’est adressé par courrier au ministère de la santé, déplorant cette situation et envisageant de mettre le Congo presque sous tutelle en cette matière afin de prévenir les ruptures.


Cela veut simplement dire que le Congo

ne jouira plus de sa souveraineté en cette matière et ne pourra plus choisir ses fournisseurs et faire des appels

d’ offre, ni déterminer les quantités des produits à commander et à disposer.

Désormais c’ est le fond mondial qui s’en chargera dans l’intérêt de permettre au

Congo de ne plus connaître ce type de rupture.

Faced with this setback, we do not see much room for maneuver available to the Ministry of Health to suggest an alternative to the global fund.

Faced with this tragedy, one can simply wonder how the Congolese could have gone down so low until they no longer have compassion for the AIDS patients whose fate without medicines is sealed at death?

Eteya biso!